TBP created and launched a glossy business and investment magazine in 2013 to be used by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago as a calling card, to promote the island as an investment destination. INVEST magazine; a joint undertaking by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Toute Bagai Publishing Company is the first official Trade and Investment magazine for Trinidad and Tobago.

This magazine aims to show the world that Trinidad & Tobago is not your typical Caribbean island, but a tropical metropolis buzzing with opportunities.

The full-colour glossy magazine highlighting the different sectors is intended to inform potential investors on all that T&T has to offer.

Described as “a stunning and comprehensive business card” the magazine helps investors complete, make an informed decisions and contact relevant persons within that sector.

The project entailed sourcing the most knowledgeable and resourceful business writers, choosing a strong editorial outline, and portraying the content in a visually attractive form. This magazine needed to represent Trinidad in every way shape and form as a strong and diverse investment destination.


Toute Bagai Publishing are happy to announce that we will be publishing the new Outlook magazine for Caribbean Export; the only regional trade and investment promotion agency in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group.

Caribbean Export’s mission is to increase the competitiveness of the Caribbean countries. This magazine will therefore be focused on providing valuable information to readers on the status of trade and exports in the CARIFORUM member states. At present, other regions such as Latin America and Africa have developed publications that provide such information to their stakeholders but there is no similar publication for the Caribbean region.



Sandals Resorts International (SRI) is the pioneer of all-inclusive resorts in the world. SRI wished to enhance their image to a more ‘luxurious brand’ and promote their company to a global audience as the cognoscenti of Caribbean Life. TBP did this through and the launch of a gorgeous oversized magazine. The two work hand in hand driving more readers of the magazine to the site. TBP has produced 3 issues of Sandals Style for the company thus far. TBP won an international design award for this magazine.

WOW magazine

The Guardian Media Group, part of the Ansa McAl group of companies, contracted TBP in 2013 to re-brand one of their weekly magazines; Woman Wise. TBP re-branded, re-designed and worked with the Guardian Media Group team in the Special Projects Unit to increase advertising, and re-stricture their editorial to target a different readership / advertiser.


Miller Publishing had chosen TBP to create and launch a glossy business and investment magazine for them. The magazine was distributed internationally through foreign ministries, international trade shows and conferences. This magazine was used to promote the twin island Republic as a stable and vibrant place to invest, trade and do business.

The project entailed launching the brand, sourcing the most knowledgeable and resourceful business writers, choosing a strong editorial outline, and portraying the content in a visually attractive form.


La Belle Helen

TBP was contracted to design and layout the official in-room magazine for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, published by CMS World Media in Canada.

TBP created the masthead and template of the magazine, and designed two of the issues. TBP worked alongside CMS World Media on editorial outlines, and commissioned writers and photographers for features aptly showcasing the beauty of Saint Lucia.