Welcome to MACO World. Here at MACO we’re all about looking at what’s new and exciting, and it can’t be denied: that’s digital. Over the past couple of years we’ve been working hard to take all that you know of the MACO brand in print, and bring it to life in the digital space. It’s a harder task than you might assume – gone are the days where going digital’ meant having a nice website. Instead, it’s all about user experience, functionality, search-ability,rich media and social engagement, amongst several other factors.

We’ve completely revamped our websites, devised a hugely successful digital marketing strategy, rolled out a cross-platform social media strategy, and, most excitingly, launched MACOTV – our very own web TV platform. Today, you can MACO with us by buying or downloading one of our magazines, checking out extra articles and features on our website, watching exclusive videos on MACOTV, or getting involved with our online communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

We’re proud to have established our MACO World firmly at the forefront of the digital revolution in the Caribbean, and now we want to help you to do the same. We’ll make sure that we understand your business, mapping out a comprehensive digital strategy that achieves real goals and generates real return on investment – it’s as simple as that.



We begin with an audit of your current digital assets based on five main criteria: design, message, visibility, search and social. Once we’ve completed your audit we can establish where you are now, and together decide where you’d like us to take you. Every business is different, and so are our solutions; we’ll devise a scalable strategy that focuses on the most relevant avenues and achieves short-term goals first, with room to develop according to your budget.

Branding & Graphic Design

Good branding is crucial in establishing a unique corporate identity and delivering a strong, consistent message to your customers. Whether you’re a start-up struggling over a business card design, or an established business looking to undertake a complete rebrand, we can take you through part or all of the process. We specialise in interactive and multimedia design and work with tools and applications like HTML, SHTML, XHTML,, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

Web Development & Web Applications

For your website to be any good it had to pass the dreaded link test’ – that is, to grab the attention of the user in the 3-5 second window that exists before they decide to leave your page. We combine beautiful design, engaging content and clever functionality to create a great user experience that follows a seamless, well thought-out wireframe.

We design and build bespoke web applications including intranets, clients area, content management systems, third party software integrations, the list goes on. Whatever you web development requirement, we’re sure to have a solution.

Mobile Technologies

Whether you need tablet and mobile-friendly version of your website, or an all-singing, all-dancing bespoke application, we have the expertise to make it happen. Simple, clean and easy to use are the core principles of mobile sites and apps – and the reason that ours prove so effective. We develop for all of the major operating systems, including IOS (Apple), Android and Windows.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Just like a having a website, a social media presence should now be a non-negotiable aspect of your marketing strategy. Far from just being an arbitrary compulsory’ activity however, if done correctly social media marketing is a powerful way to influence consumers and build brand loyalty in a way that previously never existed. We’ll show you which of the top social networks you should be using, and more importantly how you should be using them. And with thousands of followers, likers and sharers ourselves, we have it on good authority that we’re good at what we do!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM, SEO & PPC)

Having a well designed, engaging website is fantastic – having no traffic coming to it is not. Search engines, and therefore the optimisation of them, are key to getting the most out of your website and staying relevant. After conducting an audit of your website’s structure and content, we devise a strategy to drive traffic to it, and it up Google rankings. We can use a combination of organic search optimisation, search engine marketing, and pay-per-click to achieve this.


eMarketing campaigns need to be clever to be effective – we use video, the richest media on the web, to engage prospects and keep them paying attention to what you have to say.

Video, Animation & WebTV

It is no secret that video is fast becoming the most popular media on the web, and so including it in your digital strategy is imperative. It increases website dwell time, improves SEO, increased open-rate for eMarketing campaigns, and is also the most shareable content on the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

With a team of talented creatives, videographers, animators and digital media developers we offer unique, cost effective video production which is in touch with web users and their preferences. Simple, smart videos that are easily accessible to target viewers through both web and mobile devices.

We are able to create custom a WebTV platform fully branded to your company, on which may sit several sub channels. This will allow you to categorize your video media in a way that is clear and logical, and will enable you to guide the viewer along a wireframe designed by you. Unlike public video hosting platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, there is no possibility for the viewer to be influenced in an undesirable manner by related’ videos (which may be from competitors, or include negative or unsavoury content that you would not wish to be associated with your brand), advertisements within/alongside the video player, or branding other than your own. Calls to action such as Request a Consultation’, Find Out More’ etc. are placed at key points within the user journey and give practical meaning to video content.

Alternatively we can create one or more custom branded channels to sit on one of our WebTV Platforms. These give all of the same benefits but are limited in the numbers of videos that may be hosted.